Valencia Mackie

 CRE Lease Talk® Commercial Real Estate Lease AIM™ Expert

Valencia is passionate about commercial property management, leasing and lease administration. She believes one's heart must be in the business to be successful in the industry. Secondly she believes, one must love helping individuals (landlords and tenants) have a successful productive property and/or Lease tenure(s). If you don't have these key ingredients, you shouldn't be in the business. Valencia experience expertise stems from her education, research, and over 16 years combined experience in property management, leasing, lease administration and analysis of domestic and international Leases. Her philosophy is “ to adequately address the concerns of the tenant, landlord and property management company; one must understand, identify and sympathize." She has worked hand-in-hand with tenants, landlords and attorneys in research, advisory and resolution on lease and/or lease-related issues. 

She is author of “How to Review Lease Charges” and “10 Best Practices of Highly Efficient Tenants & Landlords”. Licensed in Real Estate.