How to Review Lease Charges

To understand the Lease is to understand the check and balance system. The system is critical to Lease charges. In order for the system to operate efficiently Lease parties must be proactive, not reactive regarding the methodology, formulas and Lease provisions applied. The landlord has a fiduciary responsibility to the Tenant’s rent and/or operating expenses calculations.  99% of Leases I’ve read allows the Tenant to audit such. However, more times than not, the ball is dropped by one or all Lease parties. The Landlord doesn’t confirm calculations prior to Tenant distribution. The Tenant doesn’t question calculations. The Landlord, property management and/or Tenant don’t understand or fully understand the system; that should be in place to prevent ramifications. “How to Review Lease Charges?” provides the fundamentals and system (a foundation) to review Lease charges.   ORDER NOW!